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Lunch at Magda and Seba's

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Lunch at Magda and Seba's

Magda and Seba are my best family friends. They’re a very entertaining family with their really smart and cute son, Theodor, they throw amazing parties and they can have an educated conversation on any random subject – this is not an exaggeration! On top of it all, they have a house filled with books, an amazing garden and they’re both very good cooks (Magda is also a vegetarian). Therefore, every lunch or dinner at their house is delightful and filled with culinary surprises. These are some pictures taken at their house a couple of weeks ago.

Yellow and Red Tomato, Capers & Cheese arrangement (tomatoes are freshly picked from their own garden)

King Oyster Mushrooms

Butternut Squash Soup mmmmmmm….

Grilled Vegetables in Cedar Wraps

The Main Course – Gratin Dauphinois, Raw Kale & Onion Salad and Tomato Tapenade

All with lots of wine, of course!

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  1. What are they, wonder people? Bibliotecă în casă, bucătari pricepuţi, curioşi? That cannot be right! Are you making them up?
    By the way, I love your blog. I recommend it to everyone. Keep up!

  2. Multumesc, Paula! And ‘bon appetit’ to all!
    Magda si Seba sunt niste romani emigranti atipici. Si-au pastrat toata candoarea, foarte ciudat!

  3. Multumesc, Anda, pozele si comentariile mi-au luminat ziua si sufletul!

    Thanks Anda, everything is beautiful here.

    Just a “nota bene”: Magda is the amazing cook! I am just a T-Rex with a huge vegetable garden and a even bigger appetite for meat!:)

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